Hello and thanks for visiting my blog! My name is Paul Clucas, a fire-fighter for the last 26 years based in Hull. I first qualified to represent Great Britain in my age-group at the World Triathlon Championships which took place in Edmonton, Canada at the end of August 2014.

Last year I qualified and took part in all 4 International age group events which included the European Duathlon and Triathlon Championships in Madrid and Geneva and the World Duathlon and Triathlon Championships in Chicago and Adelaide respectively where I had my best result to date in a GB event finishing 8th in the World! In 2016 I again qualified for all 4 events, competing in 2 with a 6th place European Triathlon and 11th in the World Duathlon for my efforts. 2017 was another great year with a trip to Soria for the World Duathlon and Rotterdam for the World Triathlon Championships. 2018 is a big year. I have decided to concentrate on the World Triathlon Championships only due to the cost and time off work required as it will take place this September on the Gold Coast Australia!

First of all I’d like to say thank you for all the support from my friends and family, especially my inspirational kids, for your encouragement which has helped me greatly in the build up to achieving what I have so far. Also my partner Nat who is herself an extremely talented triathlete who finished 7th in her debut at the Worlds in Rotterdam in 2018.

This is my blog on my journey competing around the world trying to be the best I can be.

Also a big thanks goes to those who have supported me financially over the  years to help me on my journey and those who are kind enough to support me this year, its greatly appreciated.

I have got this far entirely self funded but with GB selection comes increased expense!

I currently have one main sponsor for the coming season and am always looking for more support however small.  Big thanks to:


and the ongoing support of my employees:


You are all helping to make this possible.

So, a bit of how I got here, without going into too much detail here’s a whistle stop tour of my sporting life so far! I was always into sport from a young age kicking a can about the street (we didn’t have much money) to picking up a rugby ball (league) and joining my first team at about 10. I also had an ability to run quite well which all helped, running in the cross country team at school and always winning sports days events. I played for Humberside at rugby league at 14 but found girls at 16 and stuff fell by the way side somewhat.

Having joined the Fire Service when I was 22 I then began to get back into sport. I went to play for Beverley Rugby League who progressed up the National Conference league to the top division playing professional teams in the Challenge cup to good success. After a medial knee injury at about 28 I moved to the much less physical sport of football! I always played this with similar physicality to rugby to great amusement as I wasn’t used to being told I was going to get my head kicked in, in rugby you didn’t get a warning! I continued playing at the highest local Sunday league in Hull as well as for the very successful Fire Service team (British and English Champions for two years running) for a number of years before I broke my ankle at 38. This put paid to my football days but I have always had a very competitive edge and need to satisfy my addictive personality!

By chance, but mainly down to some guy making a snide comment at a BBQ, I took up Concept Indoor Rowing to prove him wrong! Well for those that have ever been on the torture machine, will know that it is horrible in everyway, it never remembers you and always hurts. I became quite good at this for about 4 years, having my own rower in the garage and a coach to set and monitor sessions. I competed all over and was a silver medallist at the Scottish Championships, Bronze at the Irish and narrowly, by 0.01 secs 4th in the English. Also coming 9th  in the largest competition which was the British Championships with a PB of 6:28.

I was and still am competing at various events for the Fire Service, with some good success, we have an event called the Toughest Firefighter Alive, which I got a bronze medal a couple of years ago in Poland.

So, about six years ago a good friend, (Alan Hewitt) introduced me to triathlon, I did a pool based swim and remember taking ages in T1 towelling myself down before putting my biking top on as I swam in shorts only! Anyway, I liked the disciplines but not getting beat! I joined a local triathlon club 3xTri and started going out for longer rides and asking lots of stupid questions. I started doing a few more but not really having much in the way of equipment, not that that mattered and I enjoyed it but I thought I could do better. I decided that last year I would upgrade some of my equipment and have a good go to see how good I could be. Year on year the tweaks continue.

So I bought a Felt AR3, new shoes, had a bike fit and got a tri suit at last and bought some new tri specific trainers, subscribed to Tri220 magazine (Tri porn) got a wet suit and new goggles and started training specific. I seem to prefer the sprint distances to anything longer, I think this is down to my suffering knees and ankles as mentioned earlier.

Another big factor, (well three actually) to my improvements year on year is the winter training in Mallorca in Feb/March which was is amazing and packs me full of endurance. Using a coach who takes me to a whole world of pain each season and finally my training partner in crime Nat, I take such motivation and inspiration from her as she is such a great athlete and as a bonus she not a bad girlfriend as well haha.

This years events include trying to qualify for the Aquathlon, Sprint and Standard distance triathlons at the World Championships in Australia. With a warm up, iconic race of Alpe D’Heuz in August.

All support is most gratefully appreciated.

Thank you.


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